On the ancient staircase that leads to the village church, one step away from Piazza Motta is the Restaurant and Bistrot La Motta, once a gallery

of art and once even more remote, in the Longobard era, a stronghold that housed the garrison defending the Castle of the Island of San Giulio. Here you will be welcomed at home by the owner Vittorio who has enhanced the design of the building owned with many objects and family accessories. The restaurant has two romantic rooms and intimate, a tavern that encourages the tasting of wines, as well as one beautiful terrace, perfect for lunch and summer evenings. For lunch the the menu is enriched with a new dish every day recommended by chef Enrico Giromini and nice solutions in street food style. The card sees fish of lake, always on the menu, almost exclusively Piedmontese meats and products. The wines are chosen by the expert Aldo Rigotti, especially from Piedmont.


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